Find Defendant's Insurance Policy Number

You are representing a client who was involved in a premise liability accident. You have already identified the existence of a defendant’s liability insurance policy. However, since this defendant operates businesses at several locations (under the same name), they have several different policies. You need to determine if the policy you have located is the one in effect for your client’s accident. One way to do this is by obtaining the specific policy number, so the policy can be precisely identified.

Request this trace if you are seeking only the Policy Number for a policy that is already identified.

To order this Trace, please complete the Insurance Policy Request Form. On this form, please supply us with all of the following information:

  1. Name of the insurance carrier and/or agent
  2. Address of the insurance carrier and/or agent
  3. Defendant's name
  4. Defendant's address
  5. Date of loss
  6. Police report (auto)

Once we have completed our research, we will provide you with the policy number.

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