Find Insurance Policy Limits

You have just accepted a new client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident, caused by a third party. From the police report, it is indicated that the third party has auto insurance with XYZ Company. However, your pre-litigation attempts to ascertain the policy limits from XYZ have been futile. While you can certainly file suit and obtain the information in the discovery process, there are costs and time associated with that effort. Moreover, for strategic reasons you may find it advantageous to have this information in quicker fashion.

Request this trace if you are seeking only the Limits for an insurance policy that is already identified.

To order this Trace, please complete the Insurance Policy Request Form. On this form, please supply us with all of the following information:

  1. Policy number and/or the claim number
  2. Name of the insurance carrier
  3. Defendant's name
  4. Defendant's address
  5. Date of loss
  6. Police report (auto)

Once we have completed our research, we will provide you with the policy limits.

Notes: We only verify the policy limits for the term of the policy. We make no guarantee as to the effectiveness of the policy on the date of loss, nor can we ensure that a particular vehicle or property is covered. If you are not definite that a defendant was insured on the date of loss, we recommend that you first order a Policy Existence Trace and then proceed with the Policy Limits.

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