Find Existence of a Defendant's Insurance Policy

You are considering accepting a new client who was recently the victim of a dog-bite. You have identified the owner of the dog. However, you are unsure about whether that individual has home owners insurance. While you can certainly file suit and obtain the information in the discovery process, there are costs and time associated with that effort. Moreover, for strategic reasons you may find it advantageous to have this information in quicker fashion, perhaps even to assist in determining whether or not to take the case.

Request this trace if you are seeking to determine if a liability policy exists on behalf of a particular defendant for a specified period of time.

To order this Trace, please complete the Insurance Policy Request Form. On this form, please supply us with all of the following information:

  1. Defendant's name
  2. Defendant's address
  3. Date of loss
  4. Type of insurance you are seeking [i.e. auto, homeowners, umbrella, etc.]
  5. In cases where you are already aware of the existence of coverage and you are simply seeking the existence of "additional" policies, please supply the known insurance carrier and policy number to us when making your request. This will avoid us billing you for policy information you are already aware of
  6. Police report (auto)

Once we have completed our research, we will provide you with the following information (at a minimum): Name of Insurance Carrier and/or Insurance Agent, full address for the Carrier or Insurance agent, and/or a telephone number

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